Friday, August 14, 2009

Piercing Ponderings...

I was once fired from a job...seriously. I left that day crying - I had never been fired before (& haven't been since). Where was a fired from? Good old Wal-Mart. Why? Because I had a nose piercing that I refused to remove (to be honest, I tried removing it most days but it always hurt & bled and made my nose turn bright red). Here is a picture of me with said nose ring - can you spot it??

It's actually quite small (I wear the smallest diamond that I can find - well not a real diamond, but you get it). I like my nose ring, it gives my face a little sparkle - and also got me fired from a job. So that brings me to my current I getting to old for it?

The other day I was at the park with my son and saw a mom in her early thirties talking and I noticed she had a tongue ring and the first thought that popped into my mind was "that lady is way to old to have a tongue ring." But wait, don't I have a tongue ring? (Yes in fact I do) And isn't this lady only a few years older than me? (Yes she is) So does that mean that I'm too old to have a tongue ring? (I honestly don't know)

I've realized that as I've modified my body in one way or another (weather it be piercings or tattoos) they have become a part of me - I don't even notice them most days. But that doesn't mean that other people don't notice them. So my question to you all is - do you think there is a day that you remove things like belly/tongue/nose rings if not for the fact that you've gotten to "old", for the reason that it might cost you a job (and in my age - they are supposed to be careers)? I'm contemplating my choices as I'm finishing my last year of grad school and going out into the career world.....but then again, I am who I am - and I like me - shouldn't others accept me?


Carol P. Howard said...

Grandi would always tell me, When in doubt, don't". So if you are wondering about keeping them, and I am so glad you are, don't.

As for your grandmother. If God had thought it was safe to puncture your body, he would have had you come with little holes. I'd be so proud, and feel so much safer if your tongue was healed.

Stephanie said...

Well, first of all, you have the most sparkly, pretty eyes. And glowing skin. And lovely hair.

I didn't even notice your nose ring in the picture, but I'm not sure what it looks like "in-person" so I can't really say.

Best wishes with your decision.

theskinnyplate said...

People judge other people no matter what. You cannot please everyone in the whole world. I'd say, do whatever you feel comfortable with. Judging by the picture, you look great and have nothing to worry about.

roseyrebecca said...

I think you should keep your body the way you feel comfortable keeping it and not worry about what anybody thinks. You don't look too old for a nose/tongue ring and I think you should continue to rock both piercings well into your thirties and forties. It's what makes you, you and nobodys' thoughts should influence what YOU want to do with YOUR body. :-)

p.s. I'm glad you won my giveaway! It helped me find your blog! :-)

debbie panell said...

The problem with body art (whether piercings, tattoos, or whatever the trend)is that most companies want their employees to present a polished professional image. I had a client once who refused to remove her nose ring, and she couldn't find (or keep)a job.

If you are not willing to conform to company culture, then don't expect to have a job long. Some company cultures are more open than others (the ad firm I worked in HR for didn't care what you wore, as long as you wore SOMETHING...haha). It was great for those with alternate lifestyles or personalities, etc. And a great place to work.

However, in a more corporate position I once had to write an employee up for wearing earrings that were too long (No, I'm not kidding). It wasn't long after that I found the aforementioned ad firm ;)

The fact of the matter is that as gainfully employed (or seeking employment) adult, you have to make a decision. If your personal statement of body art is more important than conforming, then its best to seek employment with companies that do not care. They are out there, but not always easy to find. Otherwise, you will have to remove them (at least during working hours)to 'fit in' with the culture of the company.