Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Shopping is Done! (maybe)

This year marked the first year that Reece actively sought Christmas presents. In years past, we've been able to get him whatever he wanted and it was good. This year there were requests =) Including some things that we didn't even know what they were (hot wheels racer anyone?) and others that didn't get purchased (Touch & Brush). The shopping is finally done and here's a round up (I saw this on another blog posting and thought it looked like a good time waster)

From Mommy & Daddy

"I'm Your Peanut Butter Big Brother" a magical book written by Selina Alko - here's a sampling:
Baby brother or sister, will you look like me? I blend from semisweet dark
Daddy chocolate bar and strawberry cream Mama’s milk.
My hair is soft crunchy billows of cotton candy.
I’m your peanut butter big-brother-to-b
Can anyone see why we love this book? We (well I) looked hard to find a book that was written about a bi-racial family & found the jackpot on this one for the big brother to be!

"Family Time" an amazing kid's music cd written by Ziggy Marley - Reece loves to listen to Bob Marley (it reminds him of Uncle), so I know he'll love these reggae beats!

Semi Truck from Target - this bad boy holds 23 Hot Wheels size cars - I saw it at Target months and months ago and have wanted to get it for Reece since then. I know he'll love pushing the semi around and keeping his cars in it.

Handy Manny Preschool Skills Book - a cool workbook that comes with erasable markers where Reece can practice his ABCs & Numbers

V-Smile Game: Cars - this was a pick from Eddie, he wanted to get Reece a game to help him practice his preschool skills on his V-smile that they could play together. I'm not sure how well this will go over (Reece barely touches his V-smile) BUT it was buy one get one free - so we have the next gift holiday covered now as well!

From Santa:
Hot Wheels Racer - Reece REALLY wanted a Hot Wheels Racer, this is what he asked Santa for and told everyone he wanted. Unfortunately, we had no idea what this was! I even took him to Target so he could show it to me in case Santa's elves didn't have time to make one and they had to buy it. We didn't find it there, but I ended up finding some Hot Wheels track that I'm hoping is the "Racer" one he wanted =)

Stuffed Kitten- This one was actually supposed to be from us, but it got wrapped in Santa paper =) Reece told me, "I have my two babies, I have a stuffed puppy, now all I need is a stuffed kitty" He's really into playing with his babies & stuffed animals right now - he's such a good "daddy". They go EVERYWHERE with us!

Stocking Stuffers include: Spiderman Electric Toothbrush - Dora Toothpaste - Dinosaur Magic Towel - & Reese's Pieces filled Candy Cane

Can't wait for Christmas!! And yes we do remember it's about Christ's birth, but posting about presents is kinda fun =)

Ps - Eddie & I are skipping buying "gifts" for each other this year because of stuff that will be needed for the baby & the fact that we bought a house this year, but we each had $20 to spend on ourselves -- I got a nice body pillow to help with the uncomfy pregnancy sleep and he got an Popcorn Popper =) I also got some money from my parents that I used to buy some products from my fave Mario Badescu (although I wish that my skin wasn't so prone to breaking out that I had to spend my Christmas money on that!)


Jenny said...

The Ziggy Marley CD sounds great! I despise regular kids' group CDs (i.e. The Wiggles).

It sounds similar to the Jack Johnson Curious George soundtrack.

Shannon said...

Hi you won at Potamus Prefers! I sent an email and deadline to claim is today so wanted to make sure you saw it!